The Australian Crypto FAQ

Last Updated: 24th January 1999

Appendix A

Cryptography and Security Product Developers in Australia

The following is not an exhaustive list. Developers or manufactuers of encryption products who wish to be listed here are invited to contact <>.

This list is provided for general information purposes only. EFA accepts no responsibility for the quality or suitability of any product listed and does not necessarily endorse any particular product or organisation.

  • Australian Business Access Pty Ltd. - has developed a freely available implementation of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) along with a JCE Provider implementing various crypto algorithms (RSA, RC4,DES etc).
  • Banksia Technology Pty. Ltd. - Secure modem manufacturers.
  • Carbon Based Software - a small firm located in Brisbane which has several encryption software packages for OS/2.
  • Cryptsoft Pty Ltd. - the Brisbane-based company of Eric Young and Tim Hudson who developed the SSLeay crypto library.
  • DataCrypt - a file and message security utilities developer based in NSW.
  • Eracom Pty Ltd - has headquarters on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has traditionally produced software and equipment primarily for the banking industry but is now producing a much wider range of products.
  • Intellect Pty Ltd - based in Perth and is a world leader in secure electronic commerce solutions and smart card technology.
  • Interactive Knowledge Online - Sydney-based Electronic Commerce solutions provider.
  • KeyPOST - Australia Post's Certification Authority.
  • Mozilla Crypto Group - Brisbane-based project group restoring cryptographic functionality to Mozilla, the free Netscape source release.
  • Nexus Solutions - best known for the development of the NTrust Security package. Based in Sydney.
  • Norman Data Defence Systems - Melbourne-based developer of data security products.
  • Open Software Associates - Melbourne-based client/server secure systems developer.
  • PC-Plus Systems - Melbourne-based PC and file security developer.
  • KPMG Certification Authority - CA and certificate management system provider.
  • Quick.Com.Au - SSL development and consulting.
  • Racal Australia - Sydney/Melbourne based company specialising in systems for Defence strategic and tactical communications.
  • Randata/Secure Network Solutions - has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. It's products include encrypting modems and link encryptors for securing data links.
  • Robust Software - developer of security software for PCs, based in Victoria.
  • Rotek Consulting - Melbourne-based developer of smartcard and banking related security solutions.
  • RSA Data Security Australia - an Australian development facility centred around the SSLeay team. Its first product is BSAFE SSL-C, a protocol-level toolkit.
  • Shake Communications - Melbourne-based security solutions consultancy.
  • Signet - Brisbane-based provider of Certification Authority products.
  • Wayfarer Systems Pty Ltd - E-commerce, crypto and systems consulting/development. The makers of Fortify.
  • Zergo Asia Pacific (formerly Security Domain) - located in Sydney and has produced file and messaging encryption products. The firm also offers a commercial Certification Authority service.