EFA’s policy positions don’t change from election to election, as we prefer to take a longer view, grounded in human rights. However, this election, we’d like to highlight a couple of issues we think are particularly important. Surveillance is not … Continue reading

A push-poll masquerading as research undermines efforts to have a facts-based discussion about how to deal with Internet regulation. Continue reading

Electronic Frontiers Australia is saddened to learn that Switter will be shut down in response to pressure from overzealous lawmakers trying to create a Children’s Internet. The site was originally set up in response to anti-sex work and anti-LGBTQIA+ recent … Continue reading

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By Vanessa Teague In all the attention given to voter ID, a bill that really does improve the security of Australian Elections has gone mostly unremarked: The Electoral Legislation Amendment (Assurance of Senate Counting) Bill. The bill proposes—for the first … Continue reading