This event was held on: 12-12:45 pm AEST, Wed, 1st of September What does a digital dictatorship look like...  and are we living in one? EFA is joined by bestselling author and Saudi human rights activist, Manal al-Sharif to discuss Surveillance Capitalism: Tech … Continue reading

This event was held on: 12-12:45 pm AEST, Wednesday, 28th July The discussion raised questions about the nature of the digital world and the crisis of embodiment such as: Are corporations psychopathic? By law, corporations are humans, yet they don’t have … Continue reading

Join EFA policy wonks Angus Murray and Justin Warren to examine the sticky web of digital rights policy that is being quietly assembled by faceless men in the backrooms of power. They connect the dots between seemingly disjointed laws to … Continue reading

Digital Rights Are More Important Than Ever The global pandemic has seen us online like never before. We've had to use technology to teach our kids, to work from home (or home from work), and to stay connected with friends … Continue reading

The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt Bill) 2020 will, if passed, hand the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) three new types of computer warrant.It proposes, among other things, account takeover warrants where authorised … Continue reading