This event was held on: 12-12:45 pm AEST, Wednesday, 28th July The discussion raised questions about the nature of the digital world and the crisis of embodiment such as: Are corporations psychopathic? By law, corporations are humans, yet they don’t have … Continue reading

This event was held on: 12-12:45pm AEST, Wednesday, 28th April What is an immunity passport and is it a good idea? Is it a reasonable public health measure  or just another piece of invasive surveillance by authoritarians?  Join us on … Continue reading

In this EFA Talks we discuss the many dimensions of mass surveillance from the cashless society to immunity passports. What would a cashless society look like? Can privacy survive with this constant, ever-growing push for total surveillance ? Can democracy … Continue reading

This year EFA celebrates 26 years of advocating for the digital rights of all Australians. To support the work of the organisation, board, policy team, and volunteers we are looking for a task coordinator to manage daily operations of outward … Continue reading

Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomes Stilgherrian as guest speaker to EFA Talks… an online lecture series—hosted by Angus Murray, chair of EFA’s policy committee. Stil and Angus will discuss the recently released Australia's Cyber Security Strategy 2020. Stilgherrian an Australian journalist who's been covering internet … Continue reading