EFA is very proud to present our next EFA Speak Out, featuring Narelle Clark. Narelle is a long-standing Life Member of EFA and is currently the President of the Internet Society of Australia and sits on the Internet Society’s global … Continue reading

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11th February Websites around the world will blacken or display a banner on Tuesday 11th (and Wednesday 12th) February as part of a global day of action against mass surveillance. We in Australia are joining in this global effort to … Continue reading

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This is a modified version of an article first published by Parker Higgins on EFF's Deeplinks blog on 28th August 2013. See the original article. When you access a Web site over an encrypted connection, you're using a protocol called … Continue reading

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Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), Australia’s leading voice for digital rights since 1994, today released an election scorecard rating a number of national political parties on a range of policies relating to digital rights. The Australian Greens and the Pirate Party … Continue reading

With new threats to online freedoms appearing with frightening regularity (from SOPA to ACTA, and from the TPP to the recent PRISM scandal), it's logical to assume internet users will increasingly turn toward privacy tools to protect their online data … Continue reading

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