Poor ABC coverage of facial surveillance

EFA and DRW complained to the ABC about an article on facial surveillance that was we are concerned that we believe is actively harmful, misleading, and overlooks essential legal and ethical points.

Signal Is A Good Start, But Beware

Everyone who has been a long time Signal user has been getting a bunch of notifications recently to let them know that [insert random contact here] has recently joined Signal. It’s all part of the recent exodus to Signal from Whatsapp after it was revealed that Whatsapp is going to start sharing data with Facebook […]

EFA Calls On Australian Government To Trust Australians With Details On Contact Tracing App

Australia, 17 April 2020 – Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) calls on the Australian government to start talking meaningfully and in detail to technologists, rights advocates, and the general public about its proposed contact tracing app. “The government has for some time demonstrated an aversion to transparency and plain speaking. In this public health crisis we […]