EFA Statement Regarding Cloudflare

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Electronic Frontiers Australia calls on Cloudflare to provide a detailed statement of reasons that explain its approach to balancing competing rights and interests.

Click-to-Lie With a Password Manager

A dog wearing a glasses and fake nose disguise.

Sketchy marketers, surveillance capitalists, and all manner of dodgy dealers like to ask intrusive questions you shouldn’t have to answer. Unfortunately, the magic* of computers means the forms they make you use can require certain fields to be filled in. Unlike a paper form, you can’t just leave them blank, but there is something you […]

The democratic obligation to repeal authoritarian laws

A society’s norms can shift fast. In the last decade, compulsory metadata retention for broad surveillance purposes has gone from a controversy to a scandal, to a fact of Australian life, to an insufficient power that needs to be augmented by yet more invasive ones. Military control over cryptography and other exports has gone from […]