Our Work

EFA regularly runs high-profile public campaigns, but the majority of the work we do involves the hard grind of developing detailed submissions to parliamentary and departmental inquiries. This is often very detailed and time-consuming work that needs to be completed in tight time-frames, often with short notice. We also often appear before parliamentary inquiries and directly lobby key members of parliament and senior bureaucrats.

Policy Issues

We actively monitor a number of policy areas and specific issues.

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  • Copyright reform (fair use)
  • Copyright infringement and enforcement (piracy)
  • International Trade Agreements

Privacy and Surveillance

Censorship & Free Speech


Open Government


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Previous Policy Updates


Fair Copyright for Australia

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Our campaign for the introduction of a fair use exception into Australia's Copyright Act, in partnership with the Australian Digital Alliance. For more, please see our campaign site at faircopyright.org.au.

Citizens, Not Suspects



Our campaign against mandatory data retention and mass surveillance. For more, please see our campaign site at notsuspects.org.au.

Our Fair Deal


An international campaign against the imposition of harsh copyright enforcement mechanisms through the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


EFA publishes scorecards for Federal general elections (and significant Federal by-elections) rating a range of parties on their policies relating to key Digital Rights issues.



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