2021 October

Information Age – 2021 October 28

Govt floats industry-funded model for privacy office

Information Age – 2021 October 26

Age verification will be mandatory for social under govt tech crackdown

2021 September

Canberra Times – 2021 September 27

Mastercard and DTA partner to scope out age verification services

Information Age – 2021 September 16

Universities reinstalling spyware for exams

Innovation Australia – 2021 September 15

Australians ‘complacent’ to rapid growth in digital surveillance

2021 August

Information Age – 2021 August 17

Australian governments agree to share data

ABC Radio -2021 August 11

Spotlight forum: how to protect your privacy in an increasingly tech-driven world

Information Age – 2021 August 10

Apple to scan iPhones for child abuse material

ZDNet Australia – 2021 August 10

Digital Rights Watch and EFA push for right to repair to quash tech giant monopoly power

2021 July

ABC News – 2021 July 21

Victoria’s QR code app update will let users view check-in history

Crikey – 2021 July 1

Who’s been looking at your check-in data? We asked the states and territories to ’fess up

2021 June

Bloomberg – 23 June 2021

Australian Law Could Force Facebook, Google to Strip Content

New York Post – 23 June 2021

Australia to fine tech giants, jail users over abusive and threatening posts

2021 May

The Guardian – 2021 May 1

Government agencies could access personal data without consent under new bill

2021 April

Innovation Australia – 2021 April 6

Govt mulls ID points to use for social media

2021 March

Innovation Australia – 2021 March 22

Why the rush? Online Safety Bill still not passed

2020 October

ABC News – 30 October 2020

Data Privacy Calamity Looming with QR Code COVID Check-Ins

The Canberra Times – 11 October 2020

“You Can’t Ever Get Privacy Back”: ACT Delays Biometric Licence Upload

2020 September

The Guardian – 2020 September 20

Releasing Covidsafe app usage numbers could risk public safety, government claims

ABC News – 2020 September 15

The Federal Government Wants Its Agencies to Be Able to Share Your Personal Information. Should You Be Worried?

2020 June

Triple J Hack (ABC Radio) – 2020 June 24

Calls to Scrap Online Exam Monitoring

The Guardian – 2020 June 19

Victoria Police Admits Officers Trialled Clearview AI Facial Recognition Tool

2020 April

Gadgets & Wearables – 2020 April 13

Google’s Fitbit acquisition faces new round of questioning from the DoJ 

Voice of Action – 2020 April 25

Techno Tyranny or Civic Duty? Government Contact Tracing App under Fire

2020 March

Gizmodo Australia – 2020 March 9

Australian Schools Have Been Trialling Facial Recognition Technology, Despite Serious Concerns About Children’s Data

Information Age – 2020 March 3

Rogue Australian police trial Clearview AI

The Big Smoke (Website) -2020 March 20 

The technology that sent a million to Chinese internment camps is being used here

2020 February

Subscribers to multiple streaming services more likely to also be online pirates:survey

The Guardian – 2020 February 24

Subscribers to multiple streaming services more likely to also be online pirates: survey

Bloomberg – 2020 February 10

Google’s Fitbit Deal Tests Merger Cops Eyeing Data Giants

The Mandarin – 2020 February 6

What the Iowa Caucus App Failure Can Teach Government about Successful Digital Transformation

2019 December

Human Rights Commission Calls for Regulation of AI

ABC Radio – 2019 December 17

Human Rights Commission calls for regulation of artificial intelligence

2019 October

TOTT News – 2019 October 30

NSW to further privatise bus services

Gizmodo Australia – 2019 October 24

Australia’s Facial Recognition Bill Has Been Postponed For Now

IT WIRE – 2019 October 14

EFA queries why facial recognition inquiry hearing scrapped 

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