Media 2014


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15th August 2014: EFA launches

11th August 2014: EFA partners with GetUp! to oppose indiscriminate data retention

5th August 2014: No justification for society-wide data retention scheme

10th July 2014: Diverse international coalition warns about copyright dangers in TPP

25th June 2014: A small step towards fair use; a giant leap for the visually impaired

13th February 2014: EFA calls for the prompt introduction of fair use into Australian copyright law

10th January 2014: EFA awards Senator for achievements in digital rights

10th January 2014: EFA kicks off 20th Anniversary celebrations in Perth


15th December: Computerworld
Call for release of Trans-Pacific Partnership text.

11th December: SBS News
Anti-piracy regulation 'ineffective' and 'concerning', say advocates.

14th November: PM (ABC)
Scepticism over Cameron's call to stop jihadis using the internet.

14th November: The Age
Game of Thrones pirates can be prosecuted: why Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis are wrong on data retention.

11th November: The World Today (ABC)
Obama moves to bolster free flow of internet traffic.

1st November: ABC Local Radio Overnights
Daemon Singer from the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties and Electronic Frontiers Australia joins Rod Quinn to explore the issues of privacy, our rights to it, and threats to it in Australia.

30th October: ABC Brisbane 612
Metadata legislation.

30th October: ABC Lateline
Data retention will catch pirates

30th October: Guardian Australia
Abbott government agrees to delay data retention bill until next year.

30th October: Computerworld
Mixed responses from industry on data retention bill.

30th October: iTWire
Data retention – secrecy by Government, pussyfooting by Labor.

29th October: ZDNet
Mandatory data retention legislation hits the Australian parliament.

29th October: itNews
Brandis lobbied to ditch 'rushed' data retention scheme.

17th October: The Age
Don't trust the authorities on metadata: Greens.

16th October: Guardian Australia
Australian data retention taken to dangerous lengths, warn privacy advocates.

10th October: Spook Magazine
Team Australia: How Real Is The Threat Of Terror?

7th October: 3RRR Spoke
EFA's Jon Lawrence discussed data retention with Michelle Bennett. Starts at 2:11:35.

24th September: The Canberra Times
New laws could give ASIO a warrant for the entire internet, jail journalists and whistleblowers

26th August: The Drum
Will music downloaders be caught up in proposed new metadata laws? Starts at 13:56.

22nd August: ABC 730 WA
?Keeping kids safe in the cyber world a challenge for schools

22nd August: Joy FM
In The Shadows of the Internet: Piracy or Freedom?. Starts at 25:34.

18th August: CNET
?Privacy advocates criticise far-reaching ASIO surveillance powers

18th August: Computerworld
New ASIO powers risk security of third party systems: EFA

18th August: The Guardian
Counter-terrorism proposals ‘greatly concerning’, say civil liberties groups

17th August: Herald Sun
Seven out of 10 most pirated movies not available for legal purchase in Australia

15th August: Computerworld
EFA lists movies pirates can't obtain legally

12th August: SMH
'Citizens, not suspects': GetUp! and Electronic Frontiers Australia launch campaign against mandatory data retention

12th August: iTWire
EFA and GetUp! join forces to battle Abbott's data retention plans

12th August: 3RRR Breakfast
EFA's Jon Lawrence explains metadata

5th August: Computerworld
Government using concerns about jihadists to introduce mandatory data retention scheme: EFA

7th July: Technology Spectator
Police hoover up mobile phone data of everyday users.

4th July: ABC Radio Brisbane 612
EFA Treasurer Daemon Singer talks to Tim Cox about Clive Palmer's belief that his phones and computers are being monitored

27th June: Computerworld
EFA takes wait-and-see approach to ASIO changes

2nd June: Triple J Hack
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence joins Hack to discuss the 'Right to be Forgotten'.

25th April: SMH
Tim Berners-Lee urges governments to pass laws to guarantee open, free and universal web

14th April: The Conversation
Europe says no to data retention, so why is it an option in Australia?

13th April: Newcastle Herald
Police warnings over buying drugs, fake IDs on 'dark net'

28th February: ABC Radio Melbourne 774
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence joins Jon Faine, Nick Cater and Daniel Hannan to discuss freedom

27th February: : Triple J Hack
EFA Chair Sean Rintel is interviewed by Hack about the government's plans in relation to cyber-bullying

27th February: ABC News
Australian Federal Police calls for more access to metadata to snare criminals

26th February: 3RRR: Byte Into It
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence joins the Byte Into It team to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership

25th February: ABC Radio National: The Law Report
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence is interviewed by Damien Carrick about the government's proposals for a 'Child e-Safety Commissioner'

20th February: ABC TV: The Checkout
EFA Chair Dr Sean Rintel talks about online privacy (segment starts at 16:46)

20th February: Network 10: The Project
The Project team looks at the government's 'e-safety' proposals. Includes comments from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence talks (segment starts at 4:26)

19th February: The Age
Privacy Commissioner to investigate asylum seeker data breach

18th February: itWire
Most Aussies disapprove of Government snooping

18th February: Business Spectator
Brandis' copyright crime and punishment

17th February: ABC Radio Brisbane 612
Jon Lawrence explains torrenting to Tim Cox

12th February: The Age
Australians urged to support protest over NSA surveillance.

11th February: itWire
Enough is enough - protests in the (digital) streets

7th February: Computerworld
More than 4000 websites to protest against mass surveillance

7th February: SBS World News
Do new privacy protection laws go far enough?

13th January: 6RTR
EFA's 20th Anniversary.
EFA's Vice-Chair, David Cake speaks to 6RTR about EFA's last 20 years and the challenges for the future.