Stuart Greig
Stuart Greig

Stuart Greig

I am an IT professional with over 25 years experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

My skillset lies in programming, database design and analysis of very large databases.
Having worked with health, census, tax and defence data I have a keen awareness of the need for confidentiality and safe storage of collected material.

I've been a member of the Free Software Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA) for several years. I actively encourage people to adopt open-source and free software in their personal and business lives. I enjoy assisting people to leverage technology to improve life-style and services in our community.

Until recently data mining, data matching, mass surveillance and data theft were aspects of life of little concern to most of us. Vigilance is required to ensure technology is not misused to deny or erode the freedoms we are each entitled and deserve.
I believe there is a need to raise awareness of online security, identity-theft risks and how data can be misused.

When not surrounded by computers, I enjoy photography and motorsport.