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                                                   November 10th 1998


Electronic Frontiers Australia today issued an open letter to the Human
Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, arguing against the application
of the Racial Discrimination Act to web sites.  A case involving the
web site of the Adelaide Institute is currently before HREOC.

"There are both principled and pragmatic arguments against the application
of the RDA to web sites", said EFA board member Danny Yee.  "While telling
race-based jokes in the pub is probably unlawful under the RDA, that is
hardly something the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is
or should be involved in.  But your chances of overhearing racist jokes
in a pub are vastly greater than your chances of unwittingly stumbling
over offensive material on the Adelaide Institute's web site.  The RDA
could severely curtail the freedom of Australian Internet users."

The EFA letter warns that attempts to censor hate speech on the Internet
will be counter-productive.

"Pragmatically, attempts to suppress hate speech online will only result
in its publication overseas", commented EFA board member Irene Graham.
"The United States Constitution protects views such as those expressed
by The Adelaide Institute."

"Rather than publicising offensive speech by attempting to censor it",
Ms Graham continued, "the Executive Council of Australian Jewry would
be better advised to make factual information available on their own
web site. Around the world, organisations such as The Nizkor Project
and other members of The Holocaust Ring provide extensive information
countering the material distributed by The Adelaide Institute and other
revisionist web sites.  Internet users can make their own decisions about
the accuracy of the various claims, or ignore the debate entirely."

The full text of the EFA letter to HREOC is available at:


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