Anti-Censorship Protest in Perth May 28, 1999

Perth march Despite rain, 300-400 people turned out for the march from the Esplanade to Forest Place, where a few more joined for a rally. The march proceeded at funereal pace as was apt for the occasion.

At the rally, Paul McCutcheon, a Perth based EFA member, acted as Master of Ceremonies, and did a sterling job.

Speakers included:

All speakers were passionate and well received.

Perth rally The attendees were from a wide demograph, but were vocally supportive, hollering at all the appropriate spots. Some of the stunts were excellent visually. A number of people had a sticker over their mouths "CENSORED", one gentleman ("Bob") wore a monitor on his head, which was broken. Mick Howland from Omen, who is wheelchair bound, had a banner saying "Without the Internet, I'm disabled". Some people had bar codes on their back, and there were a lot of blue ribbons.

Michael Malone called on the Labor party to guarantee they will repeal the legislation, and promised to encourage industry to support their re-election if they do this.

Kim Heitman closed the meeting by putting a motion forward for Senator Alston to stand down, which was passed overwhelmingly.