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Devices like Slingbox appear to work by copying and transmitting a television broadcast from one place to another, which would ordinarily infringe copyright, unless an exception exists. Australian exceptions to copyright infringement for time-shifting television are quite narrowly drawn - … Continue reading

The 2005 High Court ruling in Stevens v Sony held that the region code in the PlayStation is not a 'technological protection measure', and that therefore a modchip for the PlayStation is not a 'circumvention device'. This means that Sony … Continue reading

It is not easy to have a page removed from the web. One avenue isdefamation law, which applies where a person has made statements whichwould tend to lower your reputation. If someone has published statements which make others think less … Continue reading

Depending on the circumstances, intercepting or accessing private communications without your knowledge or consent may involve a number of criminal offences. Commonwealth computer crime legislation in Part 10.7 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code prohibits unauthorised access to 'restricted data', which … Continue reading

It is not uncommon for inappropriate advertising to appear on web sites. The obvious example is advertising for pornography or adult products appearing on sites aimed at children, but there are plenty of other ways products or services can be … Continue reading