Tim Emanuelle

Tim's background is in youth work, having worked over the last five years to empower a diverse range of young people to take control of their own lives. He is a strong believer in the principle that people should be involved in decisions that affect them, and is a passionate advocate for the rights of young people and students.

Tim is concerned with the failure of copyright law to serve the needs of young people and has become increasingly alarmed about the Federal Government’s attempts at intervention and surveillance of Australian citizens online. Tim joined EFA to help ensure that online civil liberties and privacy are protected and that internet users have a real say in any attempts to regulate and control online communications.

Tim has recently completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Youth Work) at RMIT.

Tim served on the EFA Board from November 2012 until February 2013. He was employed as EFA's Communications Manager on a part-time basis from February 2013 until March 2014.