Luke Heemsbergen

Luke HeemsbergenLuke is a PhD candidate and sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne focused on the collisions between democratic governing and the networked terrain of contemporary politics. His thesis combines theories of democratic agonism and media studies to critique radical transparency as form and function of democratic governing.

In 2014 Luke also interned at Harvard's Berkman Center of Internet and Society. Luke serves as one of the editors of the Melbourne Journal of Politics, as research officer for the Citizens Agenda project in Australia, and while in Melbourne has become a horrible coffee snob.

Luke was educated in Canada and the UK and previously worked for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He is becoming increasingly interested in the social-political-legal issues associated with 3D printing and augmented reality, and some new media pedagogy. He balances missing his home in Canada by spending free time exploring the sand, surf, and crazy flora and fauna of Australia.