EFA's teams are the core of the organisation and carry responsibility for various functions. All teams are open to applications from members with a relevant interest and/or expertise.

These teams are formally constituted as Standing Committees under the EFA Board.

Standing Committees Policy [PDF].

Teams are focused on collaborative work via various platforms and formal meetings (online or off) are kept to an absolute minimum.


The time commitment involved in joining a team will vary depending on what you're prepared and able to take on, but as a minimum, one hour per week or equivalent (such as one afternoon per month) is generally expected.

Before deciding whether to apply to join a team, please read this first: Volunteer Guidelines [PDF]

Then complete the new Volunteer form.


Oversight of all governance issues.

Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee.


Oversight of all of EFA's Information and Communications Technology systems.

Terms of Reference for the Systems Committee.


Development of all public policy statements, position responses, research proposals and other public policy-related outputs.

Terms of Reference for the Policy Committee.

Business Development

Oversight of all outbound communications, campaign management, and fundraising activities.

Terms of Reference for the Business Development Committee.