Copyright in the Trans-Pacific Partnership echoes past mistakes

This article, by Kimberlee Weatherall from the University of Sydney was originally published at The Conversation. See the original article. Ten years on from the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, Australia is entering another round of negotiations towards the new and controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. In this Free Trade Scorecard series, we review Australian trade policy over the years […]

Celebrate Internet Freedom Day

EFA is joining Internet freedom groups from around the world to celebrate Internet Freedom  Day today (Friday, 18th January), to mark this movement’s milestones in the fight for Internet freedom. Check out some of our successes so far: In the U.S., the pro-Internet community made a stand against threats to freedom of speech and privacy […]

Planned US anti-piracy laws a draconian mess

By Kim Heitman, EFA Secretary The battle over proposed anti-piracy bills in the US is not just about Hollywood versus the internet, it is a fight between the past and the future. It also throws up a real danger that the laws could become an easy way to silence critics. Internet sites such as Wikipedia, […]