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The IANA transition is an important event that is vital for the Internet, but if you hadn't been told about it you wouldn't notice it. The change is fundamental, but will change relatively little day to day. IANA is a … Continue reading

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There is a serious threat to domain name privacy, and you can help. As you may have heard, an ICANN working group is considering how privacy and proxy services should work for domain names. It will cover all generic domain … Continue reading

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Digital Consumers by Dr Jeremy Malcolm IN THE wake of the anti-climactic conclusion to the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) earlier this month, readers could be forgiven for being confused about whether all the hype about the International Telecommunications … Continue reading

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This week sees two international meetings which both contain within them significant threats to internet freedom. ITU In Dubai, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is meeting, and will be considering changes to the current structure of global internet governance.  The ITU … Continue reading

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At last weeks ICANN meeting in Singapore, the ICANN board made a historic decision, to go ahead with a program of creating many new top level generic domain names, and EFA was there. A top level domain is one at … Continue reading

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