Copyright Infringement Submission

We’ve completed our submission to the public consultation being conducted by the Attorney-General’s Department about online copyright infringement. Our primary points are: there has been no convincing, independent evidence presented that demonstrates that online copyright infringement is any more prevalent in Australia than in comparable countries. the proposals contained in the Department’s Discussion Paper (excluding the […]

EFA launches

EFA, Australia’s leading voice for digital rights since 1994, is today launching, a website that provides information about the legal availability in Australia of the top ten most infringed movies worldwide. EFA has also published a submission guide for people interested in responding to the government’s Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper. As the […]

Stop the pirates? Behind Brandis’ copyright crusade

Copyright has been firmly back on the agenda in recent months. We’ve seen the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) release its report on copyright which recommended that Australia adopt a “fair use” exception to copyright infringement. Yet we’ve also seen the Attorney General, George Brandis, get more exercised about copyright piracy this month, and pledge […]

WA Senate Re-election scorecard

As we’ve done with previous federal polls, EFA has rated a selection of the parties contesting this Saturday’s Western Australian half-Senate re-election. The Greens and the Pirate Party remain the stand-out choices for people concerned about digital rights, however the Secular Party, the Sex Party and the Wikileaks Party all score well, but have not articulated […]

The only way to fix copyright is to make it fair

By Nicolas Suzor, Queensland University of Technology. Dr Suzor is a Life Member and former Chair of EFA. Everyone knows there’s a problem with copyright. Artists get paid very little for their work, and legitimate consumers aren’t getting a very fair deal either. Unfortunately, nobody agrees about how we should fix it. Speaking at the […]