Five New Year’s Resolutions to protect your Digital Rights

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to maintain. Whether you’re planning to eat better, quit smoking, exercise more or call your mother more frequently, it’s easy enough at the start, but very few people maintain their resolutions past the 1st of February. So we’ve put together this list of easy resolutions for you. Most require […]

Google expands the ‘right to be forgotten’, but Australia doesn’t need it

Search engines play an indispensable role in our information age. They are how we navigate the internet. Without their assistance, most of us would be lost. When access to their functionality is limited, our substantive access to information is limited. This is exactly the point behind the so-called “right to be forgotten”. The term refers […]

Beyond the hype: The European Court’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling

This article, by Carly Nyst and Anna Fielder was originally published on 10th November 2014 on Privacy International’s blog. Since the European Court of Justice in May ruled in the “right to be forgotten” case, there has been a dizzying amount of debate about the decision, and its implications for privacy and free expression. A main thread […]

Google Books wins ‘fair use’ but Australian copyright lags

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article. By Nicolas Suzor. Nicolas is a Former Chair and Life Member of EFA and is currently a Senior Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology School of Law. Australia wants to foster innovation in a digital economy, but our copyright laws discourage businesses from […]

PRISM: the NSA is watching…the whole world.

This week’s revelations in The Guardian and Washington Post about PRISM, the United States’ National Security Agency’s top secret global internet surveillance program are extremely alarming. The leaked information suggests that the NSA has ‘direct access’ to the systems of the majority of the most popular online services on the planet, including Google (including Youtube), […]