When is ‘not a backdoor’ just a backdoor? Australia’s struggle with encryption

The Australian government wants the ability to read messages kept secret by encryption in the name of aiding criminal investigations. But just how it proposes to do this is unclear. As Australian Attorney-General George Brandis recently told Fairfax: At one point or more of that process, access to the encrypted communication is essential for intelligence […]

Data retention has always been about a lot more than ‘national security’

Attorney-General George Brandis told us in ­November 2014 the data retention regime ­“applies only to the most ­serious crime, to terrorism, to international and transnational organised crime, to paedophilia, where the use of metadata has been particularly useful as an investigative tool, … only to crime and only to the highest levels of crime”. The […]

George Brandis still struggling with metadata

While it is perhaps unsurprising, the Attorney-General’s latest attempt to use the Sydney siege and recent events in France as justifications for the government’s mandatory data retention laws is as distasteful as it is misleading. It’s difficult to know whether he is being deliberately disingenuous or whether his understanding of the detail of what he […]