EFA’s 2017 Wish List

As the new year approaches, it’s again time to set out our Wish List and priorities for the year ahead. This list repeats many of the same topics as last year as there has been little movement on many of these issues, partly due to the election interrupting the legislative programme, but also, we’d suggest, […]

An Open Letter to the Liberal and Labor Parties on copyright reform

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), Australia’s leading digital rights advocacy organisation, has long campaigned for positive reform to Australia’s Copyright Act. EFA believes that Australia’s Copyright Act is unnecessarily inflexible and no longer fit for purpose in an increasingly digital world. This inflexibility means that technological and service innovations are often unable to be brought to […]

EFA launches Digital Rights 2016 campaign

EFA today announces the launch of the Digital Rights 2016 campaign. This generic and non-partisan campaign is intended to raise awareness of the importance of digital rights throughout the Australian community in the lead-up to the 2016 Federal election and beyond. The primary issues that will be addressed as part of the campaign are: Privacy […]

EFA’s 2016 Wish List

While this has been a difficult year for the digital rights agenda in Australia, 2016 looks much more promising. With an election looming in which innovation and ‘tech-savviness’ are likely to be regular talking points, it provides one of the best opportunities for digital rights issues to really break into the mainstream. As we did last […]

Proposed copyright amendments welcome but insufficient

EFA welcomes today’s release by the Department of Communications of an exposure draft of proposed amendments to the Copyright Act that seeks to address a number of important weaknesses in the current law relating particularly to the educational, library and archives sectors. In particular, EFA welcomes the proposed extension in the safe harbour provisions, as […]