s313 Website Blocking – the Plot Thickens

Under intense questioning from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam at Senate Estimates hearings this week, the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Environment has revealed that there are three agencies that have used section 313 of the Telecommunications Act to block websites. These agencies are ASIC, as publicised recently, the Australian Federal Police, who the […]

Conroy calls for transparency on s313 website blocking

After lobbying by a number of internet users and civil liberties groups, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has told Computerworld that he believes greater transparency is needed in relation to actions taken by government agencies to block access to websites. Referring to ASIC’s blocking of 1,200 sites as a “mistake”, he said that he would ask […]

ASIC Blocks Scam Website and Takes 1,200 Innocent Sites Down With It.

Last night news broke that Australia’s financial regulator, ASIC did in fact block the 1200 websites on 12th April, ASIC. According to Delimiter in a statement made last night by the office of Stephen Conroy: ASIC believed that the website in question was operating in breach of Australian law, specifically section 911a of the Corporations Act 2001 […]

Celebrate Internet Freedom Day

EFA is joining Internet freedom groups from around the world to celebrate Internet Freedom  Day today (Friday, 18th January), to mark this movement’s milestones in the fight for Internet freedom. Check out some of our successes so far: In the U.S., the pro-Internet community made a stand against threats to freedom of speech and privacy […]

EFA welcomes the government’s back down on mandatory internet filtering

  Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) welcomes today’s announcement by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy that the government has finally abandoned its plans to introduce mandatory internet filtering. EFA, through its Open Internet campaign, was one of the many civil society groups that campaigned hard against this policy over a number of years. The internet is built […]