EFA welcomes the government’s back down on mandatory internet filtering

  Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) welcomes today’s announcement by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy that the government has finally abandoned its plans to introduce mandatory internet filtering. EFA, through its Open Internet campaign, was one of the many civil society groups that campaigned hard against this policy over a number of years. The internet is built […]

Conroy: Filter alive and kicking

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy went in to bat for the Labor Government’s mandatory internet filter again, reaffirming the commitment to the unpopular policy. Nothing has changed since earlier debates; the filter still has the same problems it has always had – it’s useless, unworkable and expensive. It still won’t help anybody. The latest line, that […]

Europe gets it: Filters don't protect children

The European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA) has spoken out against ISP internet filtering, saying that it is an ineffective band-aid that leaves illegal material online and in the wild. EuroISPA has called on the European Parliament to focus instead on permanently removing the material at its source. Forcing ISPs to block access to sites, […]

The future of internet censorship

You probably know that internet censorship is a hot topic. It’s on the rise around the world and has been a big issue here in Australia, where a new push for censorship remains government policy. The internet is such a great enabler of free speech. Why do governments want to censor it? Some of the […]

Senator Quixote deserves to be told off

The Labor government’s plan to censor the Australian internet has entered the realm of farce. Despite scraping back into government by the barest of possible margins, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has returned without delay to trumpeting his doomed scheme to anybody that will listen. As we have said (for years, now) the filter will not […]