Friday’s filter announcement – full steam ahead

Friday’s announcement by Minister Stephen Conroy that the filter would be put on the back burner pending a review seems like good news. In the sense that Australians’ net connections will remain uncensored by the Government in 2011, this is indeed something to be pleased about. The filter remains very much alive, though, and the […]

AAT upholds EFA link deletion

Many people do not know that the internet in Australia is already heavily censored, even before the Rudd Government’s plan for mandatory ISP filtering is implemented. In fact, Australia almost undoubtedly has the most restrictive internet censorship regime in the Western world. Under amendments made to the Broadcasting Services Act in 1999, material rated as […]

Senate answers shed some more light on filter

Senator Conroy’s office today provided answers to Questions on Notice asked by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam some months ago. Among the dozens of answers reiterating standard positions were some welcome details that have been frustratingly hard to come by before. You can download the entire exchange (see below), but here are a few pieces of […]

Will Second Life be banned in Australia?

The recent announcement by the government that the mandatory blacklist will explicitly target computer and video games has caused much alarm in Australia. In order to clarify, we have put up a page to quickly cover the issue and which we will update as things progress: EFA: The mandatory blacklist and computer games Please feel […]

EFA gets link removal notice

EFA’s web hosting provider was today the recipient of a Link Deletion notice from ACMA for an article on our web site ironically entitled “Net censorship already having a chilling effect“. The original article included a link to a page at that includes graphic images and was previously added to ACMA’s blacklist for being […]