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EFA 2021 EOFY Fundraiser

Digital Rights Are More Important Than Ever The global pandemic has seen us online like never before. We’ve had to use technology to teach our kids, to work from home (or home from work), and to stay connected with friends and family. And through it all we still have large corporations and politicians trying to use technology against us: spying on us, selling our data, and controlling what we can and can’t see, without our

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EFA Talks with Dr Monique Mann – Government Hacking Powers and Policing

The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt Bill) 2020 will, if passed, hand the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) three new types of computer warrant.It proposes, among other things, account takeover warrants where authorised officers could take control of an online account and impersonate someone. Join Dr Monique Mann and Angus Murray on our next EFA Talks where we discuss the proposed legislation and its potential impacts on privacy,

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EFA Talks – Immunity Passport and Digital Rights

This event was held on: 12-12:45pm AEST, Wednesday, 28th April What is an immunity passport and is it a good idea? Is it a reasonable public health measure  or just another piece of invasive surveillance by authoritarians?  Join us on EFA Talks where we explore these questions with panelists Professor Hudson Birden, Epidemiologist and Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee, and Angus Murray, Solicitor and Chair EFA Policy Committee.  Host: Rita Mac Panelists: Hudson

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EFA Talks with Malcolm Crompton and Nijole Naujokas – The many dimensions of Mass Surveillance

In this EFA Talks we discuss the many dimensions of mass surveillance from the cashless society to immunity passports. What would a cashless society look like? Can privacy survive with this constant, ever-growing push for total surveillance ? Can democracy even exist? This event was held on Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 from 12-12:30 AEDT by registering online for your ticket today. Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomes Malcolm Crompton and Nijole Naujokas as guest speaker to EFA

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Program Coordinator – Contract Role

This year EFA celebrates 26 years of advocating for the digital rights of all Australians. To support the work of the organisation, board, policy team, and volunteers we are looking for a task coordinator to manage daily operations of outward facing project related tasks. This is a paid contractor role of one day per week for a trial period of three months with approval for extension of up to six months.  You will be responsible

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Facebook’s Actions Highlight Flaws of Digital Platforms Code

Australia, 18 February 2021:  Facebook’s actions today illustrate the level of unchecked power that successive Australian governments have permitted the company to accumulate. Australia needs regulation aimed at curbing this power, yet the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code will entrench Facebook as a vital source of funding for news media organisations in Australia. It also highlights the government’s heavy-handed approach to matters of policy, and its inability to navigate the complex and

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What We Do


We actively monitor a number of policy areas and specific issues. The topics below provide a detailed view of EFA’s policy positions.


Australia’s copyright laws are outdated, inflexible and not fit for the digital age. As such, EFA is a long-standing supporter of reform of Australia’s Copyright Act.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is fundamentally about consent and control over access to information, and goes hand-in-hand with security. Privacy is a human right.


Adults should be able to make their own informed decisions about what content they create and consume.


Access to encryption technologies is vital for individuals and groups to be able to safeguard the security and privacy of their information.

Internet safety

Surveillance is not safety. Safety for whom, against what? This complex problem is more likely to be exacerbated, rather than solved, by measures that allow for unaccountable surveillance and the undermining of communications security.


EFA is committed to ensuring that Australian’s home life is not subject to arbitrary interference.