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EFA’s analysis of Labor’s (ALP’s) mandatory ISP filtering/blocking proposal, 29 March 2006.


EFA letter to the President of the Senate seeking a right of reply under Senate Privileges Resolution 5 following Senators Harradine and Alston having made a number of non-factual statements and allegations about EFA in Parliament. EFA’s reply was subsequently incorporated in Hansard of 18 September 2003, September 2003.


EFA response to Senate Committee of Privileges October 1999
The Senate Committee of Privileges granted a right of reply to EFA following adverse comments by Senator Richard Alston, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. EFA’s response was tabled in the Senate on Thursday October 21, 1999.


EFA – How to Regulate the Internet – June 1996

EFA Internet Parental Control FAQ – A Guide for Parents, June 1996

EFA response to the proposed PKAF Australian standard – 1996