Ausvotes 2010: Party Policy Guide

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Here is an at-a-glance guide that summarises the positions of the main political parties on two issues close to the hearts of our members and supporters: Mandatory internet censorship, an R-18+ rating for video games and the National Broadband Network. We also include a few notes on other issues that you may wish to explore further.

We hope that this guide will help guide Australian Internet users as they balance online issues against the wider party platforms as they decide where to cast their vote this year.

(Update) Note on other minor parties

Limitations of time and space prevented us from including all parties on this document, however we are working on a separate page which will detail the positions of as many parties as we can gather together.

(Update 2) Note on R-18+ games (12/8/10): At a public forum Tony Abbott gave in-principal support to an R-18+ category for games, but as it was apparent from the context that this was the first time he was made aware of the issue, we will await further clarification before changing the Liberal policy from “no stated position”.

(Update 3) Dems support NBN The Australian Democrats have released their policy supporting the NBN. Unfortunately the update came too late to get the chart altered before the election.

Authorised by C. Jacobs, 70 Racecourse Rd, North Melbourne.
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