Digital Rights News: 18th March 2014

EFA has been fighting for Digital Rights in Australia for twenty years.

Right now, the government is considering punitive measures to stop unauthorised downloads. Please sign this CHOICE petition calling on the government not to introduce a three-strikes policy - a policy that has failed nearly everywhere it has been tried. An authoritarian approach won't stop unauthorised downloads, timely and reasonably priced access to content is what will.

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News from EFA

Blog posts and other updates from EFA.

EFA Speak Out #4: Narelle Clark
We're very pleased to host Narelle Clark, President of the Internet Society of Australia and an EFA life member for our fourth Speak Out event next Thursday March 20th. Narelle will speak about the infrastructure, surveillance and other challenges facing Australia.

EFA in the news

News articles that quote or reference EFA.
27th February: Triple J Hack
EFA Chair Sean Rintel is interviewed by Hack about the government's plans in relation to cyber-bullying

28th February: 774 ABC Melbourne
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence joins Jon Faine, Nick Cater and Daniel Hannan to discuss freedom (begins 31:00)

28th February: ABC News
Australian Federal Police calls for more access to metadata to snare criminals

News from elsewhere

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4th March: CNN
This is what the Internet actually looks like: The undersea cables wiring the Earth
An interesting look at the underwater cables connecting countries to the internet.

11th March: Kotaku
Google To Malcolm Turnbull: Piracy Is An 'Availability And Pricing Problem'
Google schools Turnbull on why Australians engage in so much unauthorised downloading.

11th March: Motherboard
The Senate Didn't Care Much About Surveillance Until the CIA Spied on It Too
The moment NSA defender Dianne Fienstein realised the CIA was spying on Congress.

12th March: SBS News
Web founder calls for bill of rights
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has called for a bill of rights on the 25th anniversary of the internet.