Digital Rights News: 27th February 2014

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21st February: The only way to fix copyright is to make it fair
A reprint of an article by Nicolas Suzor originally published in The Conversation

13th February: EFA calls for the prompt introduction of fair use into Australian copyright law

EFA Speak Out

12th February: EFA Speak Out #3: EFF's Danny O'Brien
EFF's International Director Danny O'Brien joined us for a fascinating discussion about the challenges of fighting for digital rights across two decades and around the world.

EFA in the news

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18th February: Business Spectator
Brandis' copyright crime and punishment

17th February: ABC Radio Brisbane 612
Jon Lawrence explains torrenting to Tim Cox


20th February: ABC TV:
The Checkout
EFA Chair Dr Sean Rintel talks about online privacy (segment starts at 16:46)

20th February: Network 10
The Project
The Project team looks at the government's 'e-safety' proposals. Includes comments from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence talks (segment starts at 4:26)

19th February: The Age
Privacy Commissioner to investigate asylum seeker data breach


18th February: ITWire
Most Aussies disapprove of Government snooping

12th February: The Age
Australians urged to support protest over NSA surveillance

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24th February: Delimiter
Brandis threatens ISPs with “mandatory” piracy scheme

20th February: Digital Music News
'No One Wants To Talk Numbers When It Comes To Streaming Revenue. Well, Here Are Mine'
One independent artist shares his experience of using Spotify. The revenue figures may surprise you.

19th February: Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fair Use May Be Headed Down Under
EFF's Parker Higgins addresses the Australian copyright reform agenda

19th Febryary: Sydney Morning Herald
Why deny US-style Fair Use copyright laws to Australians?

17th February: The Conversation
Copyright reform will drive innovation - not trying to stop the internet pirates


18th February: Ars Technica
Dear Asus router user: You’ve been pwned, thanks to easily exploited flaw

17th February: Start Up Smart
Australia’s first all-female hackathons to launch in Sydney and Melbourne