Digital Rights News: 13th February 2014

On Tuesday EFA joined civil society groups, businesses, individuals and thousands of websites around the world to oppose mass surveillance on The Day We Fight Back. That evening we hosted our third EFA Speak Out event, with Danny O'Brien, EFF's International Director, joining us from the US.

At the end of last month we hosted our second Speak Out Event with Dr. Matthew Rimmer, an expert on intellectual property.

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News from EFA

Blog posts and other updates from EFA.

12th February: EFA Speak Out #3: EFF's Danny O'Brien
EFF's International Director Danny O'Brien joined us for a fascinating discussion about the challenges of fighting for digital rights across two decades and around the world.

11th February: The Day The World Fought Back
EFA joined individuals, civil society organisations, and thousands of websites to demand an end to mass surveillance.

6th February: The Day We Fight Back

4th February: Griffith By-Election Guide
We ranked political parties contesting the Griffith By-Election on their stance on Digital Rights issues.

24th January: First reaction: Discussion paper on Enhancing Online Safety for Children
A look at the discussion paper on Enhancing Online Safety for Children was released by the Commonwealth Department of Communications.

20th January: EFA Speak Out #2: Dr Matthew Rimmer
Dr. Matthew Rimmer joined us for our second Speak Out Event, discussing copyright reform in Australia: remix culture, the maker movement, fair use, and the potential impact of international trade agreements such as the TPP.

EFA in the news

News articles that quote or reference EFA.

12th February: The Age
Australians urged to support protest over NSA surveillance

11th February: ITWire
Greens go black to fight online surveillance

7th February: SBS News
Do new privacy protection laws go far enough?

7th February: ComputerWorld
More than 4000 websites to protest against mass surveillance

News from elsewhere

Articles and updates from other sites we think will interest you.

12th February: SMH
Australian lives at risk: George Brandis ramps up attack on Edward Snowden
Here we go again...

11th February: ABC Radio National Breakfast
Websites 'fight back' against online surveillance

11th February: Washington Post
No, ‘The Day We Fight Back’ is not like the SOPA/PIPA fight. It’s a bigger challenge.

7th February: Above The Law
How The Copyright Industry Made Your Computer Less Safe

5th February: The Guardian
Cory Doctorow: What happens with digital rights management in the real world?

4th February: IT News
German govt sued over mass surveillance

4th February: The Guardian
Intelligence agencies should be subject to FoI, says information commissioner

4th February: The Guardian
Internet privacy: how Australia's new laws will work

23rd January: Free Snowden
Live Q & A with Edward Snowden

24th January: The Guardian, Asher Wolf
How a teenager helpfully reported a government security flaw – and could be charged in return


Events that may be of interest

14th February 2014: Australian Digital Alliance Forum 2014
The Australian Digital Alliance is Australia’s leading advocate for copyright reform. Their annual forum is a must-attend event for anyone that believes that the introduction of fair use into Australia’s copyright law is an essential and overdue reform.

8th March 2014: CrikeyCon 1

CrikeyCon is a grass-roots, not-for-profit, community-led conference targeting security folk around South-East Queensland and beyond. The event is to be informal to encourage a greater flow of information between attendees and speakers.
See: for more info.

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