Digital Rights News: 22nd January 2014

Your Digital Rights News Update: 22nd January 2014

We've survived our teenage years and are very proud to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

Help us continue our work promoting digital rights for you and your kids for another 20 years by joining or donating today.

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Blog posts and other updates from EFA.

9th December 2013: EFA Speak Out #1 with Scott Ludlam
Scott Ludlam joins us to discuss the Digital Rights agenda for 2014 and beyond.

13th December 2013: EFA Applauds Surveillance Inquiry
The Australian Senate votes to establish an inquiry into government surveillance activities.

10th January 2014: EFA kicks off 20th Anniversary in Perth
We hosted a party in Perth at the end of the Linux Australia conference to kick off our 20th Anniversary celebrations.

10th January 2014: EFA awards Senator for achievements in digital rights
And, at that party, we gave Senator Scott Ludlam an award for his excellent work in the promotion of the digital rights agenda in Federal Parliament.

10th January 2014: EFA Shop
We also launched a range of t-shirts and other gear that you can buy to show your support for the digital rights agenda.


News articles that quote or reference EFA.

13th January 2014: Perth IndyMedia - EFA Vice-Chair David Cake on EFA's 20th Anniversary
EFA Vice-Chair David Cake speaks with Perth IndyMedia about EFA's 20th Anniversary (begins at 50:50)

13th January 2014: The Conversation - Explainer: what are memes?
EFA Chair Dr Sean Rintel writes about memes

13th January 2014: The Conversation - When did you consent to Facebook's self-censorship research?
EFA Chair Dr Sean Rintel writes about research into the concept of self-censorship on Facebook

18th December 2013: The Conversation - Posting a child's life for the world to see is a privacy issue
Are today's children being denied the right to privacy by their parents?


Articles and updates from other sites we think will interest you.

28th December 2013: Business Insider - This Lego Robot Kills the DRM Protection in your Kindle eBooks
If you like Lego (who doesn't?), you'l love this

30th December 2013: Mashable - Evolution of the Password, and why it' still far from safe

6th January 2014: CSO - Private life in the cloud
Is your organisation ready for the new Privacy Act?

13th January 2014: ITNews - Is your IP address personal information?

14th January 2014: ITNews - NSA spying has minimal effect on stopping terrorism: report

15th January 2014: EFF Deeplinks - How to Opt Out of Gmail's Google Plus Integration

16th January 2014: The Age - Blackphone claims to be first NSA-proof smartphone

17th January 2014: Rating Obama’s NSA Reform Plan: EFF Scorecard Explained


Events that may be of interest

14th February 2014: Australian Digital Alliance Forum 2014
The Australian Digital Alliance is Australia’s leading advocate for copyright reform. Their annual copyright forum is a must-attend event for anyone that believes that the introduction of fair use into Australia’s copyright law is an essential and overdue reform.

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