Digital Rights News: 28th November 2013

Your Digital Rights News Update: 28th November 2013

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Reddit AMAA Tomorrow Night

Get to know EFA's new Chair Dr Sean Rintel when he does an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit tomorrow night. We will be posting the link to Facebook and Twitter before it gets under way. The times are below:
8:30pm NSW, VIC, TAS (AEDT)
8:00pm SA (ACDT)
7:30pm QLD (AEST)
7:00pm NT (ACST)
5:30pm WA (AWST)

EFA Speak Outs

EFA is beginning a series of online events using Google Hangout On Air. These events will involve a local or international speaker talking about issues relating to digital rights. The first event will be on 9th December and feature Senator Scott Ludlam, the parliament's strongest voice for digital rights

November Offer

There's only a few days left to take advantage of our November Offer. For this month only we're giving away two copies a week of David Eggers's new work about a world without privacy. Find out how you can win a copy here.

News from EFA

Blog posts and other updates from EFA.


13th November: EFA applauds Simon Hackett's appointment to NBN Co Board


14th November: No fair, no share: Australia sells out…again
A response to the leaked Intellectual Property Chapter of the TPP.

22nd November: An open letter from the Our Fair Deal Coalition to TPP trade ministers
EFA is part of the Our Fair Deal Coalition which is opposed to the copyright provisions of the TPP


19th November: Google Books wins 'fair use' but Australian copyright lags
An article by former EFA Chair Nic Suzor about the Google Books fair use court victory.

EFA in the News 

News articles that quote or reference EFA.


19th November: 2SER - Tuesday Daily
Spy Kids 5: 'Digital Freedom', Surveillance and Indonesia-Australia Relations EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence discusses Australia's spying on Indonesian officials.

21st November: The Wire (Community Radio)
Indonesian Hackers attack Australian targets
EFA Board Member, Sean Rintel, speaks to The Wire about attacks on the websites of the Federal Police and Reserve Bank, supposedly originating in Indonesia.


15th November: New Matilda
TPP 'A Substantial Threat To Australian Sovereignty'
Includes comments from EFA Board Member, Brendan Molloy.

15th November: New Matilda
Our Future Is At Risk - Disclose The TPP Now 
Matthew Rimmer calls for publishing of the full text of the TPP. Includes a quote from EFA Board Member, Sean Rintel.

19th November: 3RR
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence discusses the leaked IP chapter of the TPP and Australia's spying on Indonesian officials (starts at 01:46).


20th November: Delimiter
Finally! ABC to re-launch iView with Android app

News from elsewhere

Articles and updates from other sites we think will interest you.


14th November: ZDNet
AFP seeks deep packet inspection capability to capture metadata

14th November: Google
Government requests for user information double over three years
Google pokes fun at the NSA in their latest Transparency Report.

18th November: The Guardian
Australian MPs could be exposed to US surveillance, IT official concedes

20th November: EFF
Introducing a compendium of the Released NSA Spying Documents
All the released NSA documents in one place!

20th November: EFF
Encrypt the Web Report: Who's Doing What
Find out which companies are taking steps to secure your communications.


14th November: Delimiter
Outrage after TPP leak reveals piracy criminalisation
An article on the angry response from Australian civil society groups following the TPP leak.


21st November: Daily Review (Crikey)
When viewers break bad: defending TV piracy
Australians are some of the world's biggest pirates, and there's a reason for that.

26th November: Musically
Interview: Moby talks BitTorrent, Spotify and artists’ digital rights
British musician Moby speaks frankly about copyright and the challenges facing the music industry.