Digital Rights News: 13th November 2013

Your Digital Rights News Update: 13th November 2013

Last night Wikileaks published draft text of the entire Intellectual Property (Rights) Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. EFA are been opposed to the TPP and the secrecy with which it has been negotiated. The leak of the Intellectual Property chapter confirms out fears that the TPP severely restrict choice, increase prices, and reduce freedom of expression. Read more from EFA here.

We're giving away two copies a week of David Eggers' new book 'The Circle';, about a world without privacy, until the end of the month. Find out how you can win a copy here.

EFA has been fighting for digital freedom, access and privacy in Australia since 1994. We are an independent, non-profit association funded by donations and membership subscriptions.

News from EFA

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12th November: No fair, no share: Australia sells out...again
EFA's immediate response to Wikileaks publishing the draft Intellectual Property chapter of the TPP.


11th November: Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance
An easy to follow guide to protecting yourself online.

Membership News

10th November: November Offer: 'A World Without Privacy'
We're giving away two copies a week of David Eggers' new work 'The Circle', about a world without privacy, for the rest of the month.

News from elsewhere

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21st October: Crikey
When MPs (and journalists) should not use their own phones
Federal Police may be tracking MPs and journalists.

12th November: TechDirt
Author of the Patriot Act goes to EU Parliament to admit Congress failed, and the NSA is out of control


Just Delete Me - A directory of links to delete your account from web services.

Last Pass; Adobe - Adobe was recently hacked, this site lets you know if your Adobe account was compromised. 

26th October: Mashable
Mozilla Lightbeam Shows Who's Watching You Online

Copyright - A site showing the top 10 most pirated movies of the past week, and whether they were available legally.

November 1st: Digital Music News
Google Executive: "You Cannot Devalue Music. It's Impossible."
A speech by Google's Tim Quirk on digital music services delivered at the Future of Music Summit in Washington DC.

November 12th:
Why creating memes is illegal in Australia
Australian copyright law is broken, now there's a campaign to fix it.

21st October: IQ2 Debates
Copyright is Dead, Long Live the Pirates
A debate on the role and future of copyright, featuring Angela Daly and Suelette Dreyfus.

EFA in the News

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29th October: Triple J Hack
Hack takes you into the Deep Web
EFA Board Member Dr. Sean Rintel speaks to Hack about the Deep Web.

6th November: ABC Radio PM
Australia high on Apple's transparency list of government requests for user data
Includes quotes from EFA Executive Officer, Jon Lawrence.


12th November: The Sydney Morning Herald
Get Home Safe app prompts tracking warning
Includes quotes from Jon Lawrence on some of the privacy issues surrounding the new app.


22nd October: BBC World Service Newshour
Facebook allows beheading videos
EFA Board Member Dr. Sean Rintel speaks to the BBC about Facebook's recent decision to stop banning videos of people being beheaded (starts at 30:00).

22nd October: The Australian
Facebook shows beheadings but bans boobs
Includes quotes from EFA Executive Officer, Jon Lawrence.


5th November: Australian Financial Review
Dark cloud over privacy in TPP negotiations
Includes quotes from EFA Executive Officer, Jon Lawrence.


6th November: ABC Radio PM
Perth becomes first Australian capital city to offer free blanket WiFi in CBD
EFA Board Member Sean Rintel speaks with PM about Perth's plans for blanket wifi.