Digital Rights News: 16th October 2013

Your Digital Rights News Update: 16th October 2013

EFA has been fighting for digital freedom, access and privacy in Australia since 1994. We are an independent, non-profit association funded by donations and membership subscriptions.

If you've thought about joining EFA but feel like you need a little nudge, this month we've got a great offer. Every new Standard or Life Member who joins before midnight Thursday 31/10/2013 will receive a free eBook. Two randomly selected Concession Members (each week) will also receive the eBook, as will any existing member who sets up a monthly donation of $10 or more.

The eBook, Deep Web for Journalists - Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search, is a fascinating and highly useful read on digital surveillance. It will show you how to set up secure communications, mask your identity online and browse and download anonymously. It will also show you how to access and effectively utilise the Deep Web, a much richer source of information than the Surface Web we’re used to. We’ve loved reading it, and are sure you will to! You can check out a review by New Matilda here.

News from EFA
Blog posts and other updates from EFA.

The Silk Road

4th October: In the Silk Road Case, Don’t Blame the Technology
A repost of a blog originally published by EFF.

Mandatory Data Breach Notification

11th October: 96% of Australians Want Mandatory Data Breach Notification Legislation - It’s Time Our Laws Caught Up
EFA reiterates our call for mandatory data breach notification legislation following an OIAC report showing 96% support.

News from elsewhere

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6th October: Crikey?
A-G FOI investigation: how data retention was derailed?
The A-G's enthusiasm for data retention may have been why it failed

7th October: Las Vegas Guardian Express?
NSA Hacks Internet Privacy Tool Tor to Find Users?
The NSA are attempting to disrupt Tor and discourage its use.

9th October: Crikey
The rise and rise of Palantir and its ‘deep domain knowledge’?
The company in which the CIA has invested $2 million and helped the effort to destroy WikiLeaks has set up shop in Canberra and is already doing well.

11th October: New Matilda
Six Ways To Fight Surveillance
A piece by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam on fighting surveillance

Just Delete Me - A directory of links to delete your account from web services.

10th October: IT News
Aussies want mandatory data breach reporting: survey
OIAC report shows massive public support for mandatory data breach notification legislation.

11th October: Mashable
Facebook Tweaks Privacy: You Can No Longer Hide From Search
News on the latest Facebook privacy updates

14th October: TechCrunch
How to opt  out of Google’s Weird New Ads That Use Your Face and Name?
Everyone with a Google account should take five minutes to have a look at this.