Digital Rights News: 4th October 2013


Blog posts and other updates from EFA


As you read this, Prime Ministers and Presidents from 12 countries including Australia, the United States and Japan are meeting in Bali to seal the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. This agreement is likely to represent a major setback for digital rights and could make the internet more expensive and subject to increased censorship. It may also have major impacts on copyright laws in Australia, to the detriment of consumers.

EFA is opposed to this agreement, which has been negotiated in secret, and is a supporter of Open Media International, who are campaigning against the TPP. We urge you to sign the petition at Open Media.


25th September: No evidence that graduated response schemes are effective
An analysis of a recent piece by Senior Lecturer in Law at Monash University Dr. Rebecca Giblin on how graduated response schemes, or the “three strikes rule”, doesn’t work to reduce copyright infringement:


24th September: EFA joined an international coalition in calling upon governments around the world to assess whether national surveillance laws and activities are in line with their international human rights obligations.


25th September: Democracy doesn’t end with elections; Australians deserve a say on the NBN.


Articles and updates from other sites we think will interest you.

17 September: Electronic Frontiers Foundation
Several European countries raise US and UK mass surveillance at the UN.

September: RiAus
A great piece on how the NBN and fibre-to-the-premise actually works.

28 September: New York Times
Chilling and in depth analysis on how deep the NSA’s surveillance program really is.

30 September: Crikey
Think cybercrime is on the rise? Don’t believe the hype, says Bernard Keane.

30 September: Computer World
Australian cops still rank highly for seeking user data from Microsoft
...and most requests are approved.


News articles that quote or reference EFA.

20 September: Brisbane Times
Verizon's lack of transparency 'disappointing', says cyber-rights group.

24 September: Computer World
EFA endorses international principles against Internet spying.

25 September: Delimiter
EFA wants public input in NBN review.

25 September: IT Wire
EFA takes surveillance fight all the way to the UN.

1 October: ZD Net
NSA stored metadata on innocent web users for a year: Report.