Digital Rights News: 18th September 2013


Blog posts and other updates from EFA


19th August 2013: Electoral silence on digital rights from both politicians and journalists
EFA Board Member Dr. Sean Rintel on the lack of discussion on digital rights issues in this year’s election campaign, and the issues we should have been talking about.

30th August 2013: Election 2013: Greens, Pirate Party rate highest on digital rights
EFA’s 2013 Election Scorecard, rating the parties on their stances on digital rights.

6th September 2013: The internet filter that wasn't - an Open Internet back on the political agenda
EFA’s statement on the the Coalition’s announcement, then abandonment, of an internet filter policy two days out from the election.

6th September 2013: Opt-out, opt-in: the internet filter hokey pokey
Blog post by Sean Rintel analysing the Coalition’s internet filter policy, their subsequent backdown, and the implications for Australian politics.

14th September 2013: NBN petition and the backlash: when does democracy speak?
A blog by Sean Rintel analysing the recent NBN petition, Malcolm Turnbull’s response, and the role of democracy outside elections.

16th September 2013: NBN petition: The Saga Continues as Turnbull attacks lecturer and EFA Board Member
A statement of support from EFA for Board Member and lecturer Sean Rintel following an attack from Malcolm Turnbull.


1st August 2013: XKeyscore: collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'
The NSA’s widest reaching surveillance system allows analysts to search vast databases about internet user’s activity without any prior authorisation.

22nd August 2013: Thinking of using a VPN? Check the privacy policy first
Guest article by Nick Pearson, founder of IVPN, a Virtual Private Network platform.

12th September 2013: Perfect Forward Secrecy: an Important Web Privacy Protection
Modified version of a post originally from EFF’s Parker Higgins on HTTPS and web privacy. A must read if you want to protect your privacy online.


11th August 2013: Fair Use is NOT Theft
A response from Angela Daly to an article written by Linda Jaivin, where Angela outlines why Fair Use is not theft.


8th August 2013: 3D Printing: legal and regulatory issues
An overview of a presentation given by EFA Board Member Angela Daly to Deakin Law School on legal and regulatory issues of 3D printing, including a link to slides.


Articles and from other sites we think will interest you.

Just Delete Me
- A directory of links to delete your account from web services:

27th August 2013: Wired
Facebook Gave 38K Users’ Data to Governments in 6 Months.

29th August 2013: Sydney Morning Herald
Australian spies in global deal to tap undersea cables.

2nd September 2013: ITNews
Laptops, smartphones are fair game for Customs.

9th September 2013: Four Corners
In Google We Trust - an exceptional documentary on how our data is logged, day in day out.

13th September 2013: Crikey
AGD does it again: more changes to its data retention story.

15th September 2013: The Guardian
Inside the mind of NSA chief Gen Keith Alexander - an extraordinary glimpse into the Star Trek-obsessed mind of the head of the NSA.


News articles that quote or reference EFA.

7th August: Byte Into It (3RRR)
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence about privacy, surveillance and copyright issues (starts at 18:20).

13th August: ABC Radio Brisbane 612
So should your employer be able to use what you say online against you?
EFA Board Member Sean Rintel speaks to ABC Radio Brisbane about employers using your social media posts against you.

22nd August 2013: The Sydney Morning Herald
Your email inbox rummaged and rumbled
An article on the surveillance of email accounts, with quotes from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence.

30th August 2013: ITWire
EFA says vote Pirate Party or Greens.

30th August 2013: My Sunshine Coast
Greens, Pirate Party Rate Highest on Digital Rights

10th September 2013: The Atlantic
‘Pirates’ in Germany Dodge the NSA’s Watchful Gaze
An article on encryption in Germany, quoting EFA.