Digital Rights News: 26th June 2013


Blog posts and other updates from EFA.

19th June 2013: Online surveillance: what is the Australian government hiding?
EFA examines the state of online surveillance in Australia and the government's unwillingness to comment.

18th June 2013: EFA Evaluation: Australia Post Digital Mailbox beta privacy policy
EFA Board Member Sean Rintel examines the privacy implications of Australia Post's new Digital Mailbox service.

12th June 2013: Folsom PRISM Blues: Nine reasons you don't have "nothing to hide"
EFA Board Member Sean Rintel explains why the 'I've got nothing to hide' approach completely misses the point.

11th June 2013: Is fair use coming to Australia?
The Australian Law Reform Commission has recommended the introduction of fair use into Australian copyright law. If enacted, this would be a huge win for consumers, innovators and the education sector.


Articles and updates from other sites we think will interest you.

26th June 2013: Weekly Time
DEPI spy shock

25th June 2013: The Age
Snowden leaks may embarrass Canberra

25th June 2013: Naked Security
Europeans to get told about data breaches - sometimes

25th June 2013: Computerworld
Senate must past mandatory data breach notification bill: Committee

21st June 2013: The Guardian
The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant

20th June 2013: The Guardian
NSA revelations prompt questions about Australian intelligence agencies

19th June 2013: Delimiter
'Get a warrant': Ludlam net privacy bill lands in Senate

18th June 2013: The Guardian
Where is the outrage over Prism in Australia?

18th June 2013: Computerworld
Australia suspected to have PRISM data: Ludlam

17th June 2013: Australian Digital Alliance
It’s time for fair use: Australian copyright inquiry discussion paper released

13th June 2013: SMH
Australia gets 'deluge' of US secret data, prompting a new data facility

11th June 2013: SMH
Federal police spying on phone and internet records


News articles that quote or reference EFA.

24th June 2013: Brisbane Times
Government shelves controversial data retention scheme
- includes quote from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence

18th June 2013: Spoke (3RRR)
EFA Executive Officer speaks to Michelle Bennett about PRISM and online surveillance in Australia (starts at 01:36:30)

17th June 2013: The World Today (ABC Radio)
Google steps up the fight against child pornography
EFA Chair David Cake speaks to The World Today about Google's announcement that they are building a database of child exploitation images on the web.

16th June 2013: Weekend Today
Is the Government watching you?
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence and Fairfax journalist David Wroe are interviewed by Weekend Today about data surveillance in Australia.

13th June 2013: CrossTalk with Phil Dobbie
If that’s PRISM, what’s ASIO up to?
Phil Dobbie interviews EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence, Senator Scott Ludlam, ISOC-AU Board Member Paul Brooks and Julian Burnside QC about PRISM and surveillance in Australia.

11th June 2013:
'We're waiting for an Aussie to blow the whistle on PRISM'
- includes quotes from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence

11th June 2013: Delimiter
‘No worries’: Carr unconcerned about NSA spying
- includes quotes from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence

11th June 2013: ABC Radio Brisbane
What do you know about PRISM?
EFA Board Member Sean Rintel talks to Rebecca Levingston

11th June 2013: ABC TV 7.30
Obama under pressure over surveillance program
Includes comments from EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence

11th June 2013: ABC Radio Sydney
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence talks to Adam Spencer about PRISM

11th June 2013: 2UE NewsTalk
EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence talks to Dicko and Sarah about PRISM