LCA 2016 Trivia Competition

Question 1: When was EFA formed (just the year)?
Answer: 1994

Question 2: Is EFA formally associated with EFF?
Answer: No. The two organisations share very similar objectives and have an excellent working relationship but are completely independent of each other.

Question 3: In what month of 2015 did the mandatory data retention legislation come into effect?
Answer: October (the 13th).

Question 4: The mandatory data retention legislation severely restricted the list of agencies that have warrantless access to ‘metadata’. How many agencies have since applied to the Attorney-General to be added back on that list? [revealed recently thanks to an FOI request]
Answer: 61. See:

Question 5: A German study looked at the effect of their mandatory data retention regime on crime clearance rates. How much did that study find that crime clearance rates increased while the scheme was in operation (to the nearest whole percentage)?
Answer: 0 (actually 0.006%) See:,en/

Question 6: If an Australian organisation is hacked and personal data is compromised, is there currently any obligation on that organisation to disclose the breach?
Answer: No, but legislation to impose such an obligation on those organisations covered by the Privacy Act is shortly to be presented to the parliament.

Question 7: Under current Australian law, is it possible to sue someone for breaching your privacy?
Answer: No. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) released a report in March 2014 that outlines how such a right could be introduced. The government has yet to respond to this report. See:

Question 8: Is fair use a valid defence under current Australian copyright law?
Answer: No. The ALRC released a report in November 2013 that recommended that a broad, flexible fair use exception be introduced into the Australian Copyright Act. There is a cost-benefit study currently underway looking at this issue and the government has proposed a number of amendments to the Copyright Act that represent tentative steps towards a broad, flexible fair use exception.

Question 9: What is the first name of the current Shadow Minister for Communications?
Answer: Jason (Clare). See:

Question 10: Who am I? I was born in Sunderland in 1960. I studied law at Essex and have worked as a Barrister in the UK and Singapore. I moved to Australia in 1987 and co-founded the first ISP based in regional Australia. I am currently the Chair of Internet Australia and was recently elected as Deputy Chancellor of Federation University.
Answer: George Fong. See: Follow him @mongrel43