EFA today calls on the Attorney-General to promptly reject the requests from most of the 61 agencies that are seeking to be provided with warrantless access to telecommunications data (metadata). It is less than a year since the parliament resolved … Continue reading

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The governments of Australia, Germany, the UK and the US are destroying your privacy. Some people don’t see the problem… “I have nothing to hide, so why should I care?” It doesn’t matter if you have “nothing to hide”. Privacy … Continue reading

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While this has been a difficult year for the digital rights agenda in Australia, 2016 looks much more promising. With an election looming in which innovation and ‘tech-savviness’ are likely to be regular talking points, it provides one of the best … Continue reading

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EFA welcomes the report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights [PDF] which confirms that the protections for journalists included in this year’s mandatory data retention legislation are inadequate and may ‘limit the right to an effective remedy, fair … Continue reading

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Australian Internet pioneer Geoff Huston thinks our data retention laws will result in our web browsing history being retained and thinks this relegates us to global village idiot status. Again. I recall from some years back, when we were debating … Continue reading

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