This is a modified version of an article first published by Parker Higgins on EFF's Deeplinks blog on 28th August 2013. See the original article. When you access a Web site over an encrypted connection, you're using a protocol called … Continue reading

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With new threats to online freedoms appearing with frightening regularity (from SOPA to ACTA, and from the TPP to the recent PRISM scandal), it's logical to assume internet users will increasingly turn toward privacy tools to protect their online data … Continue reading

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Australians can now register for the beta version of Australia Post Digital Mailbox. The service allows mail to be sent to you digitally, to pay bills, and aims to be your go-to storage solution for the business of life, so to speak: … Continue reading

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The Victorian Parliament’s Law Reform Committee has completed an inquiry into the issue of ‘sexting’ and has issued a series of recommendations which together represent a refreshingly sensible approach to a complex and legally problematic issue. The Terms of Reference … Continue reading

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