Will Facebook’s new image abuse tool really work?

A couple of weeks back (with the help of Electronic Frontiers Australia & conference organisers), I attended the inaugural Safety on the Edge Conference hosted by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The eSafety Office falls under the Communications and Arts portfolio as it deals with regulation of internet content – an historically contentious topic […]

A step towards real privacy protection?

This article, by Alastair MacGibbon, from the University of Canberra’s Centre for Internet Safety, was originally published on The Conversation. See the original article. Alastair will be participating in a panel discussion in Canberra this Thursday about mandatory data retention and mass surveillance. Book your seat now! Civil action is the big stick needed to […]

Victoria considers updating laws for sexting

The Victorian Parliament’s Law Reform Committee has completed an inquiry into the issue of ‘sexting’ and has issued a series of recommendations which together represent a refreshingly sensible approach to a complex and legally problematic issue. The Terms of Reference define sexting as, “creating, sharing, sending or posting of sexually explicit messages or images via […]