It’s just not cricket: setting the tone on cyber abuse

In an exciting move forward, digital rights organisation Electronic Frontiers Australia has elected it’s first ever female leadership. Lyndsey Jackson and long time EFA member Katherine Phelps take their positions as chair and vice-chair respectively as the organisation moves forward to address the challenges that affect Australians online. Having recently joined the EFA Policy Team, […]

Did We Kill The Web?

Do we avoid the Web because it’s broken? We love when the Facebook app loads articles instantly, and when Google answers queries without making us click to slow websites. We’re happy for search engines to predict what we want so we don’t have to poke around the Web. The Web is growing and there are […]

Documentary about Screen Culture & Digital Technology

Hi. My name is Jore. I’m an artist, activist and independent film-maker from Melbourne. For the past 5 years, I’ve been working on my first feature-length documentary about the rapidly enveloping world of screens and digital technologies we find ourselves living inside, from both a societal and environmental perspective Promo video   Help fund this […]

EFA launches Digital Rights 2016 campaign

EFA today announces the launch of the Digital Rights 2016 campaign. This generic and non-partisan campaign is intended to raise awareness of the importance of digital rights throughout the Australian community in the lead-up to the 2016 Federal election and beyond. The primary issues that will be addressed as part of the campaign are: Privacy […]

High public officials must have at least basic computer skills

It is no longer acceptable for high-ranking public officials to not possess at least the most basic computer and electronic communication skills as are required for the most junior entry-level positions. Legal professionals particularly are required to undertake a minimum level of professional development throughout their careers. It is therefore very difficult to understand how […]