This article, by Kimberlee Weatherall from the University of Sydney was originally published at The Conversation. See the original article. Ten years on from the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, Australia is entering another round of negotiations towards the new and controversial Trans-Pacific … Continue reading

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Submissions for the Government’s Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper closed at the start of the month. The Attorney-General’s department has arbitrarily decided to publish only the submissions written by organisations and not those from individual Australians. We know that many of … Continue reading

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We've completed our submission to the public consultation being conducted by the Attorney-General's Department about online copyright infringement. Our primary points are: there has been no convincing, independent evidence presented that demonstrates that online copyright infringement is any more prevalent … Continue reading

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This article, by Jeremy Malcolm and Maira Sutton, was originally published in EFF's Deeplinks blog on 14th August 2014. See the original article. Certification Allows US Trade Negotiators to Rewrite TPP Copyright Rules As the negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership … Continue reading

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EFA, Australia’s leading voice for digital rights since 1994, is today launching, a website that provides information about the legal availability in Australia of the top ten most infringed movies worldwide. EFA has also published a submission guide for … Continue reading

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