Welcome new EFA Chair and Vice Chair, Colin Jacobs and Geordie Guy

Earlier this week, I stepped down as the Chair of EFA, and will shortly be leaving the EFA Board. I’ll be moving to the US for the 2010/11 academic year, and will be focusing on my academic work after completing my PhD dissertation. I step down with some regret; I have very much enjoyed being […]

Interview on R18+ games on 4ZzZ’s ZedGames

Last month, I was interviewed by 4ZzZ’s Zed Games show on the introduction of an R18+ rating in Australia. The show also includes an interview with Gamers 4 Croydon. You can grab the mp3 here: 20100218-ZedGames-R18-EFA-G4C (40mb). Thanks a lot to Ray and Chani for having me on the show. It’s great to see a gaming show […]

Government receives 55,000+ submissions on R18+ games

The recent review (EFA and AusGamers’ submission is here) on the introduction of an R18+ rating has apparently received more than 55,000 submissions from Australians interested in this issue. This sort of turnout is incredible – several orders of magnitude higher than the regular response rate to Government reviews. I want to extend our particular […]

EFA and AusGamers submission on R18+ games

The Review on the introduction of an R18+ rating for computer games closes on Sunday. To all of you who have not yet made a submission, I encourage you to do so. To make a submission, use the template provided on the Attorney-General’s website. Fill out the questionnaire and add your own comments. It is […]