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Because mandatory Internet censorship is such a hot button issue in the technology community, the technology media has understandably provided their readers with something of a running commentary on the proposal for some two years. ┬áThis has been great for … Continue reading

I spoke on Sunrise this morning about Joel Tenenbaum's case in the US; a young university student who will now pay around three quarters of a million Australian dollars in damages to four record labels after a judge upheld a … Continue reading

I spoke last night at the Fellowship Of the Round Table forum last night at parliament house in Sydney on the forum topic "Cyberhate? Censorship on the Internet", as did Fiona Patten from the Australian Sex Party. ┬áJim Wallace from … Continue reading

Mr Michael Atkinson, the South Australian attorney general, still misunderstands a key issue affecting Australians and it's an issue that those he represents are demanding that he consider. Australian gaming website Kotaku has published a response to a letter that … Continue reading

Despite detailed and concerted lobbying and campaigning to attempt to secure logical and cohesive answers to our questions about what an Australian censorship regime might look like, we are still no closer than we were in November 2008 to knowing … Continue reading