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It's an old chestnut, being bewildered at the "opposition to the governments plan to protect kids", and this time it was put forward by Dr Joe Tucci from The Australian Childhood Foundation .  When supporters of government proposals to censor … Continue reading

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In mid March this year, Senator Stephen Conroy launched a bizarre attack in the senate on Electronic Frontiers Australia.  In an accusatory tirade, he declared myself, then-vice chair (now chair) Colin Jacobs and then-chair Nic Suzor of misleading the Australian … Continue reading

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Just 24 hours after the Time To Tell Mum campaign has launched it can be declared a massive success. Everywhere you look there is evidence that this is one of the most impactful initiatives we've ever undertaken, with over 14,000 … Continue reading

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We're excited to announce that EFA have today launched a new campaign to raise public awareness of the Government's internet filter: "Time to Tell Mum." The campaign features well-known comedian Akmal Saleh and exhorts Australians to tell their mums about … Continue reading

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A Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety has been set up as of 15th of March 2010. While this is a good thing as far as investigating ways in which Australians might need help or guidance online, those interested in online … Continue reading