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In January last year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a landmark speech entitled "Remarks on Internet Freedom". The speech was noteworthy for its clear and unambiguous rejection of all forms of censorship and network control. Coming on the … Continue reading

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The internet freedom business is doing a roaring trade these days. Things started picking up early last year with Hillary Clinton's landmark speech, "Remarks on internet Freedom," which equated an open internet with human rights and condemned state-sponsored censorship of … Continue reading

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In the last year, the idea of a "do not track" mechanism for web surfers has gained currency. The name invokes the idea of the do-not-call list for telemarketers, which those of us who prefer eating dinner undisturbed will be … Continue reading

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(From an opinion piece published on ABC Online). Before it came along, we were served by a revolving series of moral panics, changing censorship ministers and a patchwork of different state systems. Many books and films were banned that today … Continue reading

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Update 19/1/11 10am: Looks like Facebook have suspended this scary new feature for now. Facebook, by now almost synonymous with online privacy woes, has made another change to its platform that has privacy experts worried. The latest move, reported in … Continue reading

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