Shaun Haddrill

Growing up as the son of a telecommunications engineer, Shaun has been immersed in all things technology and communications since a young age. Ever since receiving his first computer at the age of four, an Apple IIe, he has been fascinated by the inner workings of computers and the networks which connect them. This keen interest turned into a career after studying Information Technology at Bond University majoring in Information Systems.

During Shaun’s final year of study at Bond University, he became the President of the ITSA (Bond University IT Students Association), stimulating an interest in IT Governance issues. As Shaun saw it then and now, technology is in rapid transformation and the need to protect intellectual property and privacy was never greater than now.

After graduating from Bond University, Shaun worked at as lead QA developer during the startup years. Shaun is currently working on an application development system which aims to raise the programming abstraction layer to streamline and speed up the process of developing modern applications.

Having lived overseas across different continents, Shaun has experienced vastly different IT Governance models, from the communist great firewall state approach to the Scandinavian countries’ thought leadership in technology and human rights.

Shaun has experienced first hand how important it is to support civil liberties, and online privacy.