Colin Jacobs

Colin Jacobs Internet ExpertDuring a six-year stint in Silicon Valley, Colin was a member of EFF and closely watched the implementation of the DMCA and similar laws. Having made a career out of developing internet applications, he is keenly aware the impact such legislation can have on the technology industry. His particular areas of interest include fair use and consumer rights, copyright and patent reform, and most particularly Internet censorship. Colin is a commentator in the media on issues of technology and politics.

Colin is also the proprietor of software company Q9 Software, doing product development and exporting development services to the United States and elsewhere. Previously he has worked as a developer, architect and manager at several companies in the finance, telecommunications and e-learning spaces.

Away from the keyboard Colin is an active in local politics and pursues an interest in foreign languages. Colin's personal site can be found at

Colin joined the EFA Board in 2007 and was Chair from 2010-2011. Colin resigned from the Board in 2013 due to work commitments and was then reappointed to the Board in August 2014, serving until the 2014 AGM.