2014 Annual General Meeting

EFA's 2014 Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, 23rd November, at:

  • 15:00 AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS)
  • 14:30 ACDT (SA)
  • 14:00 AEST (QLD)
  • 13:30 ACST (NT)
  • 12:00 WST (WA)

Draft Minutes

The Draft Minutes of this meeting are available here:
EFA AGM 2014 Minutes-DRAFT [PDF: 365KB]

Access details

To access the AGM IRC channel, please go to the following URL: http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/

1. Leave the 'Connect' selection as 'Mibbit' [webirc]

2. Enter a 'nick' (username). Please use your full name.

3. Enter #EFAAGM in the 'Channel' field and click 'Connect'. You should then be taken into the AGM Channel. If you are unable to connect, please email memberadmin[AT]efa.org.au or call 0414 669 787.

Proxy Form

If you are unable to attend, but wish to appoint a proxy, please do so prior to the start of the meeting using the form below. Please note that the Proxy Form includes only the motions to be moved at the meeting.

Please note: the election of Board members is not included in the Proxy Form and will be conducted using an online system. Voting in the election will be open to all eligible members, regardless of attendance at the AGM, or of lodgement of a Proxy Form.

Voting at the AGM is open to all EFA members, regardless of their membership type, who joined prior to the close of nominations (15:00 AEDT on Sunday 26th October 2014), and who are financial at the commencement of the voting period (15:00 AEDT on 19th November 2014). If you are unsure of your membership status, please email memberadmin[AT]efa.org.au.

Meeting Agenda

1. Minutes of 2013 AGM

Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16th November 2013 as a true and correct record. A link to the Minutes is available  below.

2. Minutes of 2014 SGM

Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 10th June 2014 as a true and correct record. A link to the Minutes is available below.

3. Annual Accounts

Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the financial report for the 2013-2014 financial year. A link to the Financial report is available below.

4. Annual Report

Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the 2013-2014 Annual Report of the Board of Management.  A link to the Annual report is available below.

5. Auditor

Motion to be moved: That the meeting authorise the board to appoint an auditor for the EFA accounts for the 2014-2015 financial year if the board considers it appropriate.

6. Halden Burns Working Group

At the 2014 Special General Meeting, a motion was passed approving the Terms of Reference for a working group to review the engagement of Halden Burns and the terms of reference for this Working Group. To date, insufficient expressions of interest from eligible members have been received to allow this Working Group to commence.

The Terms of Reference for this Working Group are available below.

Motion to be moved: That, should there be insufficient volunteers by the end of November 2014 to constitute a Working Group, the issue will then be considered resolved, and the Governance and Finance Standing Committee will be tasked with developing rules relating to the appointment of external consultants, taking into consideration the Halden Burns experience, and input solicited from the membership.

7. Election of the 2014-2015 Board Members

In accordance with Rule 10, there are five Board Member positions vacant. Six nominations have been received and an election is therefore required. Full details of the election  process are available below. The election will conclude at 15:30 AEDT on Sunday 23rd November 2014 (30 minutes after the start of the AGM). The Returning Officer will then report the results of the election during the AGM. Note: In accordance with Rule 9.6, Officers of the Association (Chair, Vice-chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer) will be appointed from the Board Members by resolution of the Board at the first Board meeting following the AGM.

8. Other Business

There are no formal motions associated with the following items, however the Board seeks feedback from members and therefore wishes to assign some time for discussion of these issues.

8a. Creation of a new sub-type of Life Membership The Board proposes to create a new sub-type of Life Membership - Honoured Life Member - to distinguish those that have been awarded Life Members from those that have purchased Life Membership. The creation of this new sub-type of Life Membership will not affect the standing of existing Life Members in any way.  Feedback on this proposal is sought from members.

8b. Cessation of offering Life Members for purchase The Board proposes to cease offering Life Memberships for purchase. Although they provide welcome revenue in the short term, on a long-term basis they represent a potential and significant drain on ongoing revenue. The Board proposes to offer a five year membership option, alongside the existing one and two year membership options, in lieu of Life Memberships for purchase. Feedback on this proposal is sought from members.


The following links are all PDF files.

Board election

The following Board Members are continuing:

  • Alan Isherwood
  • Dr Jenny Ng
  • Andrew Pam
  • Alex Schlotzer
  • Daemon Singer

In accordance with Rule 1o, there are five Board seats vacant. Six nominations have been received. An election is therefore required.

The election will be conducted using the OpaVote online voting service. Voting will be open to all EFA members, regardless of their membership type, who joined prior to the close of nominations (15:00 AEDT on Sunday 26th October 2014), and who are financial at the commencement of the voting period (15:00 AEDT on 19th November 2014). If you are unsure of your membership status, please email memberadmin[AT]efa.org.au.

Please note that attendance at the AGM, or lodgement of a proxy form is NOT REQUIRED for voting in this election.

All eligible members will be sent an email containing a unique URL, which will enable them to cast their vote through OpaVote's web interface. In order to enable these emails to be generated, eligible member's email addresses will be uploaded to the OpaVote system, which is hosted in the continental United States. Once the election is concluded, all data, including email addresses, details of votes cast and voter's IP addresses will be deleted from the OpaVote system. For more information, please see OpaVote's Privacy Policy at the link below:

If any eligible member does not consent to their email address being uploaded to the OpaVote system to enable this election, please email memberadmin[AT]efa.org.au prior to 12:00 AEDT on 19th November 2014, so that the relevant email address can be removed from the upload file. Please note that javascript is required for this voting system.

If you choose to not normally allow javascript, we ask that you temporarily enable it for the opavote.org site, to allow your vote to be lodged.


Each eligible member will have five votes, of equal value, to be assigned to the five candidates for whom the member wishes to vote. Members are not required to use all five votes, and may therefore vote for none, one, two, three, four or five candidates. The ballot will however allow for six votes to be entered. Where a member has placed six candidates on the ballot, the vote in position six will not be counted (the votes placed in positions one to five will be counted). The order in which the member places the other candidates (ie those placed in positions one to five) is of no consequence.

The voting emails will be sent at 15:00 AEDT on 19th November 2014. Members may vote at any time after they receive that email, with voting to close at 15.30 AEDT SHARP on Sunday 23rd November 2014 (30 minutes after the start of the AGM). Votes will then be tallied while the AGM is in progress and the result of the election will be declared prior to the end of the meeting.

EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence has been appointed by the Board as Returning Officer for this election. Any queries for the Returning Officer should be emailed to: memberadmin[AT]efa.org.au.


The following people have nominated for election to the EFA Board, listed in alphabetical order.

Chris Berg

Chris Berg is Policy Director at the Institute of Public Affairs.

He is one of Australia’s most prominent civil libertarians. He also has a decade’s experience growing the membership and financial base of a liberty-focused non-profit.

He has taken a leading role in the fight against data retention, the internet filter, security theatre, and limitations on freedom of speech.

He is the author of two books and has edited two more. He given evidence to numerous government inquiries, written 450 opinion pieces and many papers and submissions, and is a regular radio and television guest.

He has worked every side of the Institute of Public Affairs, from communications to fundraising and policy. The IPA now has a membership base of 3,500 individual supporters and an annual budget of $3.5 million. He hopes to bring to the Electronic Frontiers Australia this extensive policy and organisational capability.

Fletcher Boyd

Fletcher Boyd is a strong advocate for government transparency, copyright reform, and freedom of information.

Fletcher actively campaigns for increased awareness of online privacy and encryption, as well as promoting debate on issues ranging from the use of technology in social activism to improving information access for visually impaired Australians. He has worked as a software engineer and systems administrator, and currently serves as Pirate Party Australia's Deputy Secretary.

In 2014, he represented the Party in the Western Australian Senate election. Using the experience he has attained during his time performing secretarial duties for a political party, he would like to continue Brendan Molloy's goal of assisting the EFA in becoming a more transparent and interactive organisation.

David Cake

David Cake has had an email address since 1989, and worked in the computer industry since 1991. He has worked in a wide range of software development and system administration related roles over the years, with special interests in digital media and web application development.

He is currently a graduate student, studying Internet governance, and teaches tertiary students about web communications. He is very active in representing EFA in international Internet governance, such as ICANN. He is currently a Vice-Chair of the ICANN GNSO Council, which organises policy related to global domain names, and represents non-commercial Internet stakeholders there.

He has been active in a number of community and political organisations in addition to EFA, including bur.st networking Inc., the League for Programming Freedom Australia, and the Australian Labor Party. Other interests include being a Regional Contact for Burning Man in Australia, and science fiction fandom (he is a board member of the West Australian Science Fiction Foundation).

David has been a board member of EFA since 2004, and first became Chair in 2011. During 2014, following the resignation of the previous Chair, he was re-elected as Chair of EFA.

Nicholas Kavadias

Nicholas Kavadias is a long time computer nerd and soon to be lawyer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in IT with distinction from University of Technology, Sydney. He hold several IT vendor/industry certifications.

He will soon be completing his Diploma-in-Law through the LPAB at the University of Sydney. Since 1999 he has worked for a variety of different businesses including several Australian ISPs, the financial services industry and technology start-ups. He has been an EFA member since 2006 and a long time supporter of digital rights.

He hopes his hands-on background in technology and his new-found knowledge of the law will help to further the goals of the EFA.

Mike Kent

In my day job I am a lecturer in the Department of Internet Studies at Curtin University. I teach in the Internet Communications program and research and write about the internet. If you want to see more about my research and writing you can see it all here: http://www.cultware.com/publications.

I was first a member of the EFA Board and Treasurer in 2006, before moving to the United Kingdom for work. I re-joined the board in 2011, and again served as Treasurer. I have also worked on the organisation’s executive as Secretary, and briefly as the Vice Chair. Away from EFA I am an active member of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) for the Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers (ICANN). I serve as a judge for the Australian Web Awards. I am an active volunteer with Save the Children, Western Australia and have advised the organisations in regards to social media policy at a national level. I also often provide advice in the community, particularly in relation to people with disability and the internet including the Australian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) WA division, the West Australian Association for Academic Language and Learning and the Western Australian Disability Service Commission. I am a founding member of the Brighton Surf Life-Saving Club and a former Vice Chair and trustee of the organisation.

These are important times for EFA to be an active and effective organisation, particularly in the face of the renewed push to monitor and regulate people’s online activities by the current government. I am hoping to be re-elected to the board this year. I can contribute both my professional experience as an academic who deals directly with the internet and the politics of its regulation and governance, and also as a relatively long standing member of the EFA board with considerable knowledge of the operation and history of the organisation. I think the organisation has developing significantly over the last 4 years since I re-joined the board, and I would like the opportunity to continue to be an active part of that development.

Daryl Sheppard

I am Canberra based and have worked in the IT industry in a number of different areas for approximately 15 years in both the public and private sectors.

I am now specialising in IT Security and am currently employed as an IT Security Consultant. I am studying a Masters degree by research which is dealing with human and behavioural aspects of computer security. I firmly believe the society as a whole is dependent upon the Internet as a piece of global critical infrastructure. Society (namely people, government and industry) need to work cooperatively to protect and manage this infrastructure carefully for the benefit and purpose of not only society today but also in the future.